Francis Answers - 210 - I have screwed up my grades. What should I do?

Francis Lucille

I am having a problem , I am a student and I have screwed up my grades ..if I think about future I see that I have to work hard to get a job or something ..but I am unable to do so ..I am driven by feelings and habits …so the habit of postponing and not giving attention to studies may lead to be harmful for me.

what should I do?

Try to find something that you are truly interested in, and find a way to make a living out of it, study some more, if necessary. Academic achievements are not the only path to a nice profession. Vocation, love for some type of activity, is another. If you love it, you will become good at it, and if you are good, you will make some money from it. We already have plenty of lawyers, engineers, business people, doctors, etc…Why not try something else? Life has put you in this situation for some reason, Life has something in the works for you. Just follow your creativity, your enthusiasm.