Francis Answers - 213 - Why did the fly come back?

Francis Lucille

Name: Patricia

Location: Indiana

Waiting. Waiting without waiting. Waiting with out waiting but also with tension when the fly lands on sticky Oh joy, Reading the poem by Thayumanavar, this one cannot but wonder, when having stepped away from not wondering of course, why it is that having experienced the non-experince, god, godhead,whatever, life itself really, and also the container of life, this that’s always nothing and everything, finding no object anywhere, unless of course sticky paper is acknowledged.,wondering how it could be so that as nothing is happening, the fly still flies and wonders, as it waits with or without tension? Why was this one spit out from the Absolute to wondering again? Truthfully, there was no consciousness to surrender as timeless Nothing, and then consciousness was again in a world, and fought mightly only for the continued and sporatic appearance of sticky paper. What choice has a fly really, that even isn’t and yet also is? LOVE, Patricia

Dear Patricia,

This fly didn’t want to merge with the Absolute yet, it only wanted to be submerged in it and, as a result, it had to re-emerge from it. The bad news is: the fly has no choice. The good news: you are not a fly.