Francis Answers - 216 - On the blank state

Francis Lucille

Name: Michael

Location: Chicago, IL

Dear Francis, Could you please clarify today’s answer regarding a mind created blank state? I’m not sure if I have found myself in such a state, as I seemingly have lost interest in everything, and events just seem to pass by without any kind of reaction on my part. I frequently notice that blocks of time have passed by without me even being aware of them until later when the mind seems to come back and no matter how hard I try, I can’t even remember “being there” during that period. If this is a mind created blank state, how do I get out of it? With love and gratitude, Mike P.S. If I ever run into you, I’ll make sure I have some Haagen Das coffee frozen yogurt for you if you answer this question. :)

Dear Michael,

If it is a happy state, there is no hurry to get out of it. If not, boredom will sooner or later get you out of it. In both cases, there is nothing to do, and nothing to worry about.

Now, a blank state is a mind object, a mind created nothingness or void, like a blank wall, or a white page, or a dark night. It is still a perceived image or concept. It elapses in time. It has no flavor and doesn’t deliver the perfume of Presence we seek, which is the only cure for our longing for eternity. This perfume manifests as joy, tranquillity, enthusiasm, eagerness, love, humour, freedom, ease, absolute comfort, unshakability, and a few other nice aromas (such as Haagen Das coffee frozen yogurt, one of my sponsors, just kidding). When it manifests, we know it.