Francis Answers - 217 - On the blank state, again

Francis Lucille

Name: Gary Bramley

Location: Orlando, FL

Dear Francis, Thank you for this virtual satsang! Follow up to question 214: The second question was poignant. It asks: 2. “If you could comment on the sometimes neutral or dead quality I find in attending to consciousness I would also appreciate that.” Neutral or dead quality is bad news. It points to a mind created blank state. No juice there. Stay away. SEEK FREEDOM! This is all too familiar; however, I have been with it long enough to realize that this blank state is itself, recognized. I am clear that anything that consciousness is aware of, no matter the subtlety, is not IT. In short I “See” the blank state. So I stand at that understanding, and now see it as yet another refined tease. The important recognition being that fundamental principle that recognized this state, Consciousness itself. For know I hang with that. If this is amiss, please clarify. Much Gratitude! Gary p.s. Thank you for this question, Murray!

Dear Gary,

You are right, you are “that fundamental principle that recognized this state, Consciousness itself.” However to recognize this is not sufficient to liberate us from ignorance, although it is necessary. What is needed is the recognition that consciousness is eternal, infinite, universal, and real. For this to happen, it doesn’t suffice to see that there is no evidence that it is mortal, finite, human, and dependent on something else (such as a body) to exist. This certainty can only be delivered by Reality itself. The price to pay: total surrender.