Francis Answers - 218 - How do you work with a student who does not live near to you?

Francis Lucille

Name: Lana

Location: Madison Mississippi

Hi Francis: How do you work with a student who does not live near to you? Thank you. Lana

Dear Lana,

True students are not students of a human teacher, but disciples of Truth. There is only one quality that makes one a true disciple: an overwhelming desire for Truth, which is unconditional love for the Absolute. There are many truth seekers, but few real disciples. For a real student the question you are asking is irrelevant. Distance will never be an obstacle. She/he will travel, move, do whatever they feel is appropriate to come closer to the flame that attracts them. Distance is just a bench mark for the intensity of their love. Although the universe may seem in the beginning reluctant to help them, once they have ascertained for themselves the strength of their true intention, the cosmic forces miraculously cooperate with their endeavors.

On Christmas day 1982, my teacher unexpectedly suggested that I move to the US. My professional situation in France was very comfortable, my family, children and friends were there, I didn’t speak English, and I had no intention to move. But my teacher was calling, and it took two seconds for me to irrevocably decide to move. I never regretted my choice.

What we are talking about here is old fashioned surrender, not to a person but to our love for the Truth that has been calling us from the depth of our being. All the talks on non-duality are only a preparation for this surrender. Without it, they are just wind blowing in a desolate street.