Francis Answers - 220 - On the causal body

Francis Lucille

What is the causal body?

The causal body is the divine spark, the light of consciousness. From the vantage point of the mind, it appears as a blind spot, like the spot on the retina where the optical nerve converges. It is the most essential point of the eye, but it doesn’t record any image. It seems to be part of the mind and limited by it, but it isn’t, just as the blue sky appearing on the wall through the window is not part of the wall and is not limited by the opening.

Let’s take this analogy further, assuming there is a tv screen in the room, and we are outside, looking in through the window. The images appearing on the screen would correspond to the external sense perceptions, through which the gross world, including the physical body, is known, just as we perceive images from New York, Paris, etc from our living room in Temecula. We have to remember that there are many cities in the physical world besides the ones that appear on the screen. The objects in the room correspond to the subtle body made of thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. We have to remember that “there are many rooms in our Father’s mansion”, that there are many subtle bodies in the subtle world.

The Father stands outside this room and all the rooms as the Cause that perceives and creates all things, the Mansion, His creation.