Francis Answers - 228 - what am I to do Francis?

Francis Lucille

Location: Florida

Dearest Francis, before I knew of the truth, I was someone who lost her identity thru much suffering from a misdiagnose which left this body partially disabled, not only was my identity gone but so were my attachments, I knew nothing of spirituality until 6 months ago, one day as I woke up I noticed that everything around me was peace, not just around me but in me and everywhere, I had no senses except for eyesite, everything that my eyes set on was there but they had no names to them, I felt as if my body was light as a feather,nothing hurt at all, after this happened I was lead to some books, and one was Ramana Maharshi, Papaji and the outmost loving sages of India, after reading these books I realized this experience was of truth, now from this I realized that I am God, and that he is the one doing the doing, nothing is me, last week the center of my chest opened and this love was unlike any words here on earth, is was so very big!! Francis I feel stuck, why is it that I am still stuck in this dream? or is it not a dream? from the above experience I was still here but yet not here, did I loose this thuth because I was unaware of it? I moved from Boston to Florida 1 1/2 yrs ago to save my life for I could not walk, I needed to surround myself with water so I could get in a pool and move my body, I am well now and able to walk short distances so this worked, I have been living in this state where I do not know one person, it is myself and my dog, I have NO ONE I can talk to about this, if I try people would think me to be nuts!! my family thinks I have lost it and that I am depressed, I can't even go out of my home now, I do not want to talk to anyone, I am shut off from so much, I have not one desire but my true reality and that is it, but so desperatly need help!! what am I to do Francis? I did not seek any of this, it all just happened, I spend so much time going up and down with my feelings and crying, this can not be healthy…please help me, with much graditude and love ~janice

Dear Janice,

You have realized that God is doing the doing, which is good. You now have to realize that He is perceiving the perceptions, thinking the thoughts, and feeling the feelings.