Francis Answers - 231- I am afraid of loosing my normal functioning abilities.

Francis Lucille

Name: John

Dear Francis, When it is said that the jnani is free from the notion of “I,” can he be said to have any sense of personal continuity, or are all notions of the “I” thought perfectly dead and gone to him? I have had an experience that is completely beyond all words. I mean completely. To even call it “spiritual” or “Truth” or “consciousness” is insufficient. No words applied and no concepts can describe it, not even those of spirituality. At times I feel that I might go crazy, and the very fact that I even report an “experience” or fear of going crazy reveals that there is an “I” that is desperately attempting to maintain some form of continuity. I have a very strong (daily) fear of losing my normal functioning (the abilities to work, interact, and speak) and of going crazy or insane, and yet I have kept it together somehow. Can the Guru be of any help in this situation? Is this fear of going insane yet another branch to cling to? Thank you, John

Dear John,

This fear of going insane is insanity. Psychological fear is insanity. It always originates from ignorance, no matter how grand and spiritual our experiences are, they are not liberation unless they liberate us from fear.

A French philosopher (I believe it was J. Maritain) coined this beautiful definition:

“The goal of philosophy is to liberate us from fear through the use of reason”.

I would say:

“The goal of the Guru is to liberate us from fear through all means”