Francis Answers - 232- IWhy did you choose the Advaitic approach?

Francis Lucille

I find your thinking very interesting, the best i found in the new gurus. I would like to know why did you choose advaitan approach, negating krishnamurti teachings on no authority, no teachers, or remaining alone.?…

Dear Jorge,

I didn’t choose Advaita. It’s only one way, and there are many ways. More important than the way is the teacher that life chooses for us. When I met my teacher, I soon realized that his teaching was free from two inconsistencies in K’s teaching that bothered me, and, moreover that there was in his teachings a creativity, a freshness that I didn’t find in K’s. But most importantly there was a silent transmission, beyond words, that I hadn’t experienced in K’s presence, and which was for me the sign that I had found my teacher. By the way, his teachings weren’t limited to the advaitic tradition. He also recognized many other traditions, Buddhism, Sufism, Kashmir Sivaism, Taoism, etc.