Francis Answers - 236 - I want some advice about living practically.

Francis Lucille

I want some advice about living practically, having realized the truth about the Self and the limitations of the me-self. The separateness is still abound, but the belief is wafer thin. The bundle of thoughts carried are also light.

I listen to your videos and other Advita ones till the deep reverberations are there. There is cognizance of the thoughts of separateness that are here now that disturb the peace and simplicity.

I want some advice about living practically. What one does in this situation- to live it?


Dear Ben,

Since we already know each other, the videos, CDs, and texts are good reminders of the Truth. Listen to these or read them whenever you feel like it until the deep reverberation manifests. Then just enjoy the perfume and do whatever life requires or suggests in the spirit of this moment.

Also, whenever you feel like it, remember the yoga sessions you have attended during our retreats and do the same practice (if we can call it practice), mostly allowing for the bodily sensations to float freely in unbounded space, while the body is performing the asanas and other exercises.

The (at first) hidden benefits of this approach will gradually and effortlessly become apparent in your daily life.

With love,