Francis Answers - 237 - Who is talking? Who is hearing?

Francis Lucille

Name: janice

Location: Florida

Beloved Francis, I know that I am one self, the seed that contains all, through my self realization, the self shined forth by itself to itself without seeking my own self, there was only movement and seeing, nothing had a meaning to what was seen because the mind vanished! now the mind came back, knowing now I am not the mind or this body, I am the eteranl self, from the return of the mind confusion has set in, to whom does the talking? and to whom am I talking to when talking happens? I see this world as the seed of myself, I am the seed that was never born, this is very clear, what is not clear are the above two questions. Love Beloved Janice

Dear Janice,

The mind is made of perceptions: thoughts, bodily sensations and external senses perceptions. That which perceives the mind is obviously you, consciousness, because only you are conscious, and that which is perceived isn’t, because that which is perceived doesn’t perceive. Mind cannot affect you, just as reflections appearing in a mirror cannot stain or damage it. The return of the mind is never the problem, the return of the belief to be something else than consciousness, something such as a body, a soul, a personal and limited consciousness is the problem.

To whom do we talk? Obviously, to the one who can perceive our words, and since only consciousness perceives, we are talking to consciousness, not to a body or to a mind.

Who is talking? Obviously, the one who is talking is the one who creates and perceives the thoughts that get subsequently enunciated as words, therefore the one who is talking is also consciousness.

The problem arises out of the belief that there are two consciousnesses, the one who talks and the one who listens. Find out whether there is any evidence that supports this belief.