Francis Answers - 239 - On God

Francis Lucille

Name: John

Location: Lincoln, NM

Dear Francis, I often think of Divine Will, the will of God, as something I must open myself to, and then recieve the guidance it provides, that of tremendous power and direction. I have witnessed this often in my life, coming after a time of hardship or trial, a sudden, clear revelation and then direction, inspiration, and happiness. After reading Meister Eckhart, I see the problem with "preserving a place in one's being for God," impying a distinction. But I do not know how else to relate to God. I often pray by saying, "God, I am here." I am then silent and I wait the inspiration of the Lord. I ask for nothing and eventually a state of peace comes that has most definitely guided my in difficult situations and given me inspiration and clarity in difficult decisions. But even this process seems somehow inadequate, as there must be another state, a higher state, where such prayer does not exist. Francis, what is the role of God in providing human beings with great inspiration to carry out great tasks on this earth? Does the sage even think of God, or has God ceased to exist for the sage?

Dear John,

The only problem we face, the source of human suffering, is our loosing our connection with God. The moment we see ourself as a separate human being, we are disconnected. It all begins and ends with what we believe to be.

If we believe to be a separate body or a separate soul we are not a truly religious being, nor if we believe, and just believe, to be connected with God, but don’t know where the connection is.

If we know the connection, all suffering comes to an end.

Know that your very consciousness, the clear presence that is perceiving these words right now, is in fact God’s Presence in you, as your true Self. If you fail to know it, don’t try to make it a useless belief, but at least be open to the possibility that it is true. If you are not open to it, at least find out what evidence you have to back up your disbelief.

Advaita is not the only path to God, peace and happiness. The religious path leads also to the same wisdom. On this path, although we believe to be a human body-mind, we seek God’s Presence until we find it within as our very own consciousness. From that moment on, we cease to be a separate body mind, for it has been reclaimed by God and has become HIs servant. Like the rest of His creation, in Him it lives, moves and has its being.

That’s what was meant by Jesus in the saying “I ( consciousness, true Self) is the Path, the Truth, and the Life”.