Francis Answers - 240 - Is this body real?

Francis Lucille

Location: florida

When my mind exploded there was movement and extreme peace and what was seen took a vague background. Now with it’s return so did all the images and the pain and suffering from this disability, pain is mind.. the world is in me and projected from me, and I perceive all my perceptions, none of these perceptions are real yet appear real to touch. so when speaking happens you said it is consciouseness speaking to consciousness, to me that is mind speaking to mind, and if mind is not real then speaking is not real either.

  1. Is this body real?

  2. Is the “person” I speak with projecting me? or am I projecting them? who is projecting whom?…

  3. No one can stop the mind, is up to my supreme self to do that and will it do it once I know longer idenitfy with the appearences of the stories in the mind? internal or external? Francis I am sick all the time, all these images are driving me mad, I had to just see myself one with them, to be one with everything seen and love all as myself, I can’t make them disappear.

  4. Is this what I need to do until the body goes? can you advise me as to the way of truth? is being one with all truth? I feel it is the highest truth, yet, yet, yet something still feels like it is missing from this, what is it?

Love, ~janice

Dear Janice,

You have too many concepts. Let’s keep it simple: Consciousness is that which is perceiving these words in this very moment. No matter how unlikely it may seem at first, this consciousness is not personal, limited, mortal. It is not a separate entity which is aware of these words, but the universe itself, God, the Absolute.

Now to your questions:

  1. This body is real as consciousness, and is an illusion as having an existence separate from consciousness.

  2. Because consciousness and consciousness alone perceives, we never speak to persons, but only and always to consciousness, which is projecting all the minds, separate persons, and the world.

  3. There is no need to stop the objective perceptions (the mind) to be at peace and happy. Simply know that you are eternal and universal consciousness, not the mind, not the body.

  4. The way to truth: investigate which evidence there is that consciousness is limited, mortal, and separate. Do this on all levels: concepts, bodily sensations, external sense perceptions. Find an authentic teacher to help you realize your true nature and get established in it.