Francis Answers - 241 - Is it your experience that awareness can only ever perceive one object at a time?

Francis Lucille

Name: Jay

Dear Francis, Upon close examination, it appears that awareness can only ever perceive one object at a time. Mind strings perceptions together creating memory, thus giving birth to the illusion that multiple objects can be perceived at once. But, in truth, this is illusion. Ultimately, when past is perfectly absent, there is simply one act of pure perception after another. Is this your experience? Thank you very much, Jay

Dear Jay,

It could perhaps be said that the human mind can only ever perceive one object at a time, but not awareness. The human mind works in seriality, not the Cosmic mind, which holds together all minds and all worlds in perfect simultaneity, and allows for you and I to seemingly communicate over the Internet. In fact there is no mind, human or cosmic, there are only perceptions appearing in awareness. Mind doesn’t string perceptions, nor does it create memory. Mind itself is only a concept, a model of reality. Nobody has ever perceived a mind. Everybody has experienced thoughts, bodily sensations and sense perceptions, which are in fact only consciousness. Therefore, everybody has only ever perceived awareness. The inference that there would be anything else than consciousness, be it an object, a mind, is just a theory, a model of reality, not an experience.

The moment we understand that there is only one Reality, only one Being, it becomes clear than awareness perceives all objects, at all times, or, perhaps better said, that it perceives no object, and no time, only itself.